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Embossed PVC Foam Board

The Embossed PVC Foam Sheet is made from Plain PVC Foam Sheet, Plain PVC Foam Sheet after been Embossed, can have 3D designs, looks very nice, like carving board. But its surface is very smooth and strong, which is easy to be painted and fixed with screw, nail and PVC gule.
As one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of nice design hard embossed pvc foam sheet for buildings in China, Kangda Bathroom has been specialized in various foam board for over 10 years. Please be free to buy the high-quality and best price foam board from our factory.
Some Features:
1.Fully recyclable, environmental material.
2.Natural looks without timber problem.
3.Water/Moisture-resistant, no rotting.
4.Less cracking, less warping.
5.No need painting, no glue.
6.Weather resistant, from minus -40 to 60 centigrade degree.
7.Easy to install, clean and low maintenance.
8.After heating,non-polluting,non-toxic volatile UV-protection.
Embossed PVC Foam Sheet is widely used in advertising mounting, UV printing, carving, furniture production, cabinet production, partition wall and other advertising and decoration applications.
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