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Laminated PVC Foam Board

Laminated PVC Foam Board can be into very nice design colors, no need to be painted, and the surface is very smooth and shining, which can be used especially for kitchen cabinet, bathroom cabinet, wardrobe and furniture.
As one of the laminated PVC foam board manufacturers and suppliers in China, Kangda Bathroom has been specialized in various foam board for over 10 years. Please be free to buy the high-quality and best price laminated PVC foam board from our factory.
Use effect:
1.Protect the main structure of the building to extend the life of the building. Since the external insulation layer is placed on the outside of the structure, it reduces the pressure caused by the deformation of the structure caused by temperature changes, and reduces the erosion of the structure by harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet rays.
2.Effectively eliminate the "hot bridge" used to use internal thermal insulation, "hot bridge" is inevitable, and external thermal insulation effectively prevent the generation of hot bridge, avoid condensation.
3.The damp temperature condition of the wall is improved. Generally, steam insulation layer is required for internal insulation, and the permeability of external insulation material is far stronger than that of the main structure.
4.Increase the usable floor area of the house. Can avoid the damage to insulation layer of secondary decoration.
1.Exhibition,saloons,stores,offices,banks,hotels,restaurants and apartments.
2.An ideal decorative materials for buildings,outer and inner walls.
3.Kitchen cabinets,billboards,signboards,tunnels,subway,interiors.
4.Ceilings, eaves, galleries,balconies,partitions,interior decorations.
5.Telephone tooth, vehicle bodies, yachts, industrial usage, etc.
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