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Polyethylene Rigid Foam Sheets Polysulfide Sealant

Polyethylene Rigid Foam Sheets Polysulfide sealant

Ministry of Communications Academy of Sciences and other units repeatedly test proved that its performance can be compared with wood, cork, rubber, asphalt, PE polyethylene closed-cell foam board has been widely used in foreign roads, railways, bridges, construction and other concrete joints, And other concrete projects, in the domestic hydropower projects are also used. In the construction of hydraulic expansion joints, with the closed-cell foam board to replace the traditional three oil four felt, asphalt tree and other materials, and at the top with a polysulfide sealant filling seal. The combination of closed-cell foam board and polysulfide sealant uses this new construction technology to break the many limitations of the construction of the expansion of the asphalta chrysanthemum plate, the construction is convenient, the speed is fast, and the construction cost is low, and the polysulfide sealant has the traditional petroleum asphalt Of the hydrophobic, enhanced jiwan borneol scholarship and its water resistance and aging resistance.

First, PE polyethylene closed-cell foam board some of its features 1. Small density, high recovery rate, with independent bubble structure 2. Surface water absorption is low, good anti-seepage performance. 3. Acid and alkali salts and other organic solvents corrosion, excellent anti-aging performance 4. High temperature does not flow, low temperature does not swell Second, and asphalt, wood compared to the advantages of polyethylene closed-cell foam board 1. Production of simple PE poly Ethylene closed-cell foam board production only need to use scissors to cut the required style can be, the average workers can operate, and asphalt wood to be professional woodworking woodworking machinery production, after the completion of the need to apply asphalt, the required asphalt The container heated to boil into the liquid, heating process, but also produce a large number of harmful gases, resulting in the surrounding air pollution, and polyethylene closed-cell foam board there is no pollution 2. Transport PE polyethylene closed-cell foam can be folded And the weight of the wood is relatively heavy, coupled with the national implementation of forest protection policy, and some areas are not rich in timber, timber from the off-site transport, increased timber freight, causing the price of wood, resulting in the price of asphalt And the same area of polyethylene closed-cell foam board much lighter than wood, so the polyethylene closed-cell foam board much easier than the timber transport.

Polyethylene closed-cell foam board is easier to install than asphalt wood, asphalt wood surface coated with asphalt, easy to install on the clothes coated with asphalt, and asphalt is not easy to wash, polyethylene closed-cell foam board does not exist this situation, polyethylene Closed-cell foam board is first installed, simply put the closed-cell polyethylene foam board close to the mold or steel mold can be, and the asphalt template to be installed in addition to the asphalt wood is generally 2-2.5cm, rigid enough , Easy to deformation, with polyethylene closed-cell foam board does not exist this situation.

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