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Embossed PVC Foam Board Environmental Protection

Embossed PVC Foam Board Environmental protection

Today's embossed PVC foam board in the market demand and application of a wide range of special, as the world's largest production of plastic products, one of the rational use of its waterproof and flame retardant, Naisuan Jian and moth, not only quality Light can also be insulated in the characteristics of the bus, train, office, residential, public places on the building compartment widely used. According to these characteristics is not difficult to see embossed PVC foam board excellent performance, then its performance are what? How does it play a role with performance? Here let the small tape with everyone to understand the specific content of these three performance.

First, with environmental protection

Embossed PVC foam board in the field of interior decoration is very popular, it is because it does not like other decoration material as there is a lot of formaldehyde, formaldehyde as a substance harmful to the human body so many people are very disgusted with formaldehyde-containing products The The popular embossed PVC foam board is popular because of its adherence to environmental health and the concept of renewable and sustainable use. At the same time in this product adhere to the green concept, to protect the Earth's environment and natural ecological resources have a small but very important significance.

Second, with the environment

Good quality and low price embossed PVC foam board has been won the favor of consumers and love, mainly because of its excellent quality and cost-effective advantages. With this advantage embossed PVC foam board and therefore have a good environment, can withstand inorganic acids, alkali or salt and most organic solvents, can be applied to medicine or chemical anti-corrosion materials and so on.

Third, with electrical

Embossed PVC foam board as a good electrical performance and can better gather energy products, the use of electrical performance to play a role in the achievements are very prominent. But relatively resistant to corona performance is slightly worse, more suitable for medium and low voltage and low frequency between the insulating material.

The above is the embossed PVC foam board of the three major performance, respectively, are environmentally friendly, environmental and electrical. It is because of these excellent performance makes its embossed PVC foam board development is getting better and better, and consumers in the purchase of the product process, you can also based on the above three performance to determine whether the selected product quality is qualified, because These properties are high quality embossed PVC foam board essential features.

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