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Embossed PVC Foam Board Excellent Toughness

Embossed PVC Foam Board Excellent toughness

Bubble board is the advertising industry often used advertising materials, in the carving process, we will often encounter problems, then how to solve this problem? The following for you to do a detailed description:

The first question: the material itself burr, the normal burr we can handle, if it is a large area and a large area of carved burr, we have to consider the reasons for the material.

Solution: the quality of the material used to pass, require the use of material quality to meet the requirements, the use of regular manufacturers of products.

The second problem: the problem of the tool, the tool for a long time without the use of replacement, resulting in sharp knife can not work.

Solution: regular replacement of the tool, select the appropriate tool engraving, in the carving time to observe, there is such a situation to replace the tool in time, the general tool is the need for regular replacement check.

The third question: the direction of the carving has changed.

Solution: change the software in the direction of carving, cutting right angle method is to use flat knives to do the surface of the carving, carved after the straight knife for cutting! Using two kinds of tools to complete the processing. Some customers did not ask the edge of the words are generally knives knife cutting knife cut a knife to complete, eliminating the trouble of the middle of the way to cut out the angle with the cut, the customer asked to straight side, then you must use two kinds of knives knife knife straight knife cutting. The non-slip performance of the ground material is one of the most important properties of commercial materials, is an important component of the safety performance of public places, both at home and abroad on the public places owners should provide a safe environment has a request, the following Xiaobian introduced you A new type of anti-skid plate - pvc foam board.

Advantages of pvc skateboards:

1, rich colors, you can do three-dimensional effect, the price does not corrode the instrument table.

2, strong sticky, environmentally friendly.

pvc foam board with anti-tension, easy to clean, non-toxic and tasteless, temperature of 40 °, and affordable, beautiful products, and fire materials, is your first choice for home.

Features: soft texture, can reduce the body and the ground contact with the pain, slip effect is good, double-sided available, excellent toughness, anti-tension strong. Can effectively block the ground chill, strong grip, flat Tu paste. Light weight, small size, easy to carry. With the development and progress of the times, life in a variety of things are upgrading, decorative materials are gradually moving towards perfection, environmental protection, then you heard of pvc material decoration materials? pvc material decorative material is the latest contemporary decorative materials, today to share your knowledge!

1, installation and construction of fast, easy maintenance - PVC flooring installation and construction more efficient, without cement mortar, 24 hours later can be used. Easy to clean, maintenance-free, not afraid of flooding, oil, acid, alkali and other chemical substances erosion, the general can be used to clean the wet mop, save time and effort.

2, decorative strong - PVC flooring has a lot of color varieties such as carpet pattern, stone was grain, wood floor pattern, etc., beautiful lines, rich colors, cutting and splicing simple and easy, give full play to their creativity and imagination, completely To meet the designer and different users, different decorative style of personalized needs.

3, environmental regeneration - PVC flooring is the only renewable ground materials for the protection of our natural resources and the earth's ecological environment is of great significance.

4, widely used - due to the unique PVC flooring material and superior performance, coupled with pavement convenience, construction fast, reasonable price, high security, is widely used in offices, schools, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, sports venues, Entertainment occasions, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and other public places and individual families.

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