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Embossed PVC Foam Board Foaming Technology

PVC chemical bridge high foam material, referred to as PVC, is a wide range of uses, low prices of new building insulation materials. PVC using the world's most advanced foam technology, the polyvinyl chloride through the chemical bridge and high-rate foam (two foaming) and become a mesh, the structure and a balanced hole bubble products.

The company has 20,30,40,45 time four kinds of foam ratio of low-seam products seam products. The above products in the production process does not use Freon, is not polluting the environment of foam material. Since the product is made of a polyethylene resin having good weatherability, there is almost no phenomenon of discoloration due to long-term use. The product also has good resistance to chemicals, sound absorption, water, cushioning and other properties, it can be widely used in air conditioning, refrigerators, automobiles, construction, precision instrument packaging. Room temperature and low temperature freezing pipe and container antifreeze insulation and other fields.

PEF main features

1, excellent weather resistance, and UV does not change color is not deformed.

2, excellent chemical resistance, acid and alkali stability, no toxic gases.

3, excellent thermal insulation properties, because of its independent fine bubble structure.

4, excellent low temperature characteristics.

5, excellent water-stop and compression performance, simply do not absorb water.

6, excellent flame retardant and flame retardant performance.

7, excellent cushioning, soft and tough.

8, construction and processing simple and convenient.

9, color and diverse, user-friendly choice, in order to facilitate the beautification of the environment.

The use of PEF

1, heat insulation use A, central air conditioning B, cold storage, refrigerated trucks and a variety of refrigeration equipment insulation. C, the walls of the building, the top of the insulation. D, all kinds of cultivation room and other greenhouse antifreeze insulation. E, low temperature antifreeze pipes and containers of antifreeze insulation. F, warm water swimming pool and other insulation compartment.

2, buffer support use A, civil construction, railway support buffer use. B, highway support buffer use. C, the size of the ship's ship's side of the buffer anti-friction material. D, precision machinery, equipment, shock buffer packaging materials.

3, the use of sound insulation A, the building's internal insulation and sound insulation materials. B, soundproof wall lining material. C, advertising and exhibition window materials. D, arts and crafts. Plate density: 20-30kg / m3 Thermal conductivity: 0.035w / m? H. ° C Operating temperature: 100 degrees Celsius Rebound: 90% Tensile strength: 2.2kg / cm2.

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