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Embossed PVC Foam Board High Strength Compressive Strength

Embossed PVC Foam Board High strength compressive strength

Embossed PVC foam board thermal insulation with high thermal resistance, low linearity, low expansion ratio characteristics, the structure of the closed-cell rate of 99% or more, the formation of vacuum layer, to avoid air flow heat, to ensure its lasting insulation performance And stable, relative to the foam polyurethane 80% of the closed-cell rate, the leading advantage is self-evident.

So embossed PVC foam board is the best choice for building insulation, it has excellent high-strength compression from the system can withstand the ground load, widely used in geothermal engineering, highways, airport runway, square ground, and many more. Embossed PVC foam board, although lightweight, but its strength is different neglect. Today we follow the Linyi foam factory together to understand the bubble-like strength.

  Embossed PVC foam board strength is the tensile strength, embossed PVC foam board bulk density and tensile strength have a direct relationship. General foam strength in the 200KPa-250KPa, but rely on domestic technology, this strength a lot of embossed PVC foam sheet can not do, the general domestic production of embossed PVC foam board are below 100KPa. In the increasingly rich facade decoration and coastal areas often have the case of typhoon, the intensity is very important, especially for some external walls or high tiles, embossed PVC foam board strength to be reinforced.

 Tiles to pull more than 400KPa, even embossed PVC foam board can not afford to solve the method is through the expansion bolt anchor wire mesh to the grassroots level solution, so that the three-dimensional space can be distributed tensile stress, so as long as the anchor is not a big problem The Because of the unique advantages of embossed PVC foam board, as well as the high recovery rate and low water absorption, the embossed PVC foam board has a wide range of use as a seam plate.

First, when the water seal plate can be used in the embossed PVC foam board density bridge joints seepage water board, sewage treatment plants and domestic water plants, water tank sealing plate, subway, underground channel concrete water Seam board, water and electricity, thermal power projects, water tower bottom water seepage board. And then as a common seam board: water conservancy project dam, beach, fire power, slope protection, block the expansion joints seam plate; water tunnel, tunnel concrete over the water seepage board; port, pier concrete joints board The seaboard of the airport runway.

Embossed PVC foam board is not a bit beyond your imagination? With the development of science and technology, embossed PVC foam board performance gradually improved, I believe embossed PVC foam board application will be more extensive.

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