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Embossed PVC Foam Board Performance Techniques

Embossed PVC Foam Board Performance techniques

Decorate plank to use more material, PVC foam board is widely used, but the PVC foam board friends also is not very understanding, PVC free foam board today small make up for all full introduction of PVC foam board, PVC foam board, that we can have a more profound understanding.

What PVC foaming board is who?

PVC foaming board, also known as PVC foaming board and andi board, is the main raw material of polyvinyl chloride, adding foaming agent, flame retardant, anti-aging agent, and using special equipment extrusion molding. Common colors are white and black.

PVC foaming board can be compared with wood, saws, planks, nails, adhesion, no spray paint (various colors), and other special functions have not cracked or deformed; Low foam board can be welded, ink can also saw, drilling, milling and other processing methods. There are two kinds of common modes of production: the peeling foam, the crust, the smooth surface layer; The other is a free foaming surface that has no skin on its surface and has a slightly thin convex shape (hemp).

Application of PVC foaming board:

PVC foaming board is widely used in construction, automobile manufacturing, furniture, decoration, decoration, signs of advertising exhibition, urban environment protection, tourism and other industries. Engraving machine or handmade advertisement word, 0.3-2 cm thick. Common colors are white and black. In the building materials industry, PVC foaming plate is widely used, which is not only because of the public property of PVC foaming board, but also for the serious consumption of PVC foaming plate. PVC foam board manufacturer today and you talk about this problem, we all know, the main component is PVC foam board PVC foam board, PVC foam board performance technology and consumption of PVC foam board has a lot to do, so, let us hand in hand in understanding it.

Theoretically the consumption process is not complicated, PVC foam board general consumption in common mixing screw rolling machine, roller rotation and consumer pressure, high temperature roller and roller machine, printing machine, coating machine and cutting back units, mainly through the direct action is only 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm film thickness, and the consumption and through pressure back before printing color film after film coating machine in the attached at the back of the back coating. Don't look down on the back of this layer, it is important to ensure the high quality film of the PVC foaming plate. MC901 made of special materials of coating on the back, is a kind of high energy mixture, it is for this layer coating, PVC foam board and film talent tight closely board sheet or other fuses in together, does not glue for 10 to 15 years. The ordinary mask is stuck to the problem of big unsolved problem. Because the whole production process is the suspending liquid at high temperature, which makes the film optical PVC foam board and fire resistance of high resistance (scroll to 220 degrees Celsius temperature), in order to ensure the high quality of PVC foam board membrane. Of course, this is expensive for machines, and the cost of consumer electronics for general consumer electronics is about 39,000000 mark, equivalent to about 1.6 billion dollars. On the other hand, the process of film consumption of PVC foaming plate is quite simple, and the flow of machine is very large. Therefore, the theory of PVC foaming plate is a low input and high yield product.

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