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Expaned PVC Foam Board In Terms Of Temperature Maintenance

Expaned PVC Foam Board In terms of temperature maintenance

Expanded PVC foam board is very common in life, but we may not know, the application of foam board in the building is also very dominant, and now with everyone to understand:

A, the foam board is small and light weight, so its weight does not have much effect on the weight of the whole building itself. Instead, using foam boards is lighter than using other materials;

B, with good corrosion resistance, in the low temperature, high temperature also has a very impressive performance, so its environmental adaptability is very strong, can be better in a variety of applications.

C, the foam board itself is not absorbent, the expansion of the strength and bulk light weight of the many advantages make it to a certain extent, instead of the building used in the traditional three oil four felt and asphalt pine chrysanthemum and other materials, and excellent performance, construction Convenient, eliminating a lot of unnecessary trouble.

D, in addition to the foam itself, the unique closed-cell bubble structure and evenly distributed honeycomb holes can make it more closely with the adhesion of cement adhesives more effective in building safety and more secure.

E, because the foam material in the temperature to maintain a particularly good effect, that is to say it can prevent too fast temperature rise of objects, but also to produce a certain high temperature insulation effect, so the use of foam in the building for the building The internal temperature of the environment also has a good role in maintaining.

The use of expanded PVC foam board effectively reduces the stress caused by structural deformation due to temperature changes, and can also reduce the damage to harmful materials and ultraviolet rays to the building structure.

 Expanded PVC foam board is also widely used in the construction field, because it has a good insulation effect of insulation, foam board construction should be done before the basic grass-roots clean-up work.

Clean up the concrete wall on the residual floating ash, release agent oil and other debris and plastering drums and other parts. Remove the shear wall split Cha split the concrete block, inclusions, hollow drums, and re-repair; windowsill eaves in accordance with 2% with cement mortar to find the slope, the external walls of various holes filled with dense.

The need to paste the polystyrene board surface roughness deviation of not more than 4mm, the tolerance of the protruding wall at the polished, the concave parts to find (need to find the thickness of more than 6mm with 1: 2.5 cement mortar plaster, need to fill the thickness of less than 6mm by the insulation construction unit with polymer adhesive mortar implementation to find); to ensure that the entire wall of the flatness within 4mm, yin and yang angle Founder, up and down fluent.

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