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Laminated PVC Foam Board According To The Applicable Place

Laminated PVC Foam Board According to the applicable place

Laminated PVC foam board has many advantages in foreign countries are considered the most promising "traditional wood substitute", according to the different places of application, the performance of the product is also somewhat different. For example, "home improvement PVC board" is more focused on safety and environmental performance, comfort performance and special environmental performance, and "commercial PVC board" more emphasis on durability, economic performance, cleaning and maintenance performance. Next, let's explain some of the three misunderstandings that people usually know:

1, flame retardant is not "burn";

2, not environmentally friendly is not by "nose smell";

3, "wear" is not "with a sharp weapon will not draw bad"

Therefore, the choice of laminated PVC foam board, to correctly understand the unique performance of laminated PVC foam board, eliminate errors. Hebei Kangfei Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sale of laminated PVC foam board of large manufacturers, all laminated PVC foam board manufacturers are using lead-free environmental protection additives production, product safety, environmental protection and durability.

Bath cabinet for home decoration for the main reasons there are three aspects:

First, the bathroom furniture laminated PVC foam board in the home decoration, the lack of professionals, but in fact its construction is not so difficult to imagine, the construction of the sheet easier, but the construction of the membrane is slightly more complicated , Technical staff through a simple training or can quickly grasp the construction technology. Laminated PVC foam board construction quality is also very important, the life of the foam board will have a certain impact.

Second, the current domestic use of snow Fu board for home decoration or a small number of domestic decoration is basically that only marble slab is a high grade, the concept of environmental protection is not very deep decoration, I believe that the correct understanding of the advantages of its products, More recognized products. Laminated PVC foam board as an alternative to wood flooring and marble flooring This trend is unstoppable.

Third, the laminated PVC foam board in the country is currently mainly used in the project, a lot of manufacturers only focus on major projects, not enough home improvement, which is PVC flooring industry needs to be improved. Manufacturers in the promotion of home improvement because of a variety of reasons encountered resistance, do not go to the promotion of the bath cabinet, bath cabinet for home decoration reasons naturally can not promote the popularity of PVC flooring in China.

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