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Laminated PVC Foam Board Craftsmanship

PVC board is PVC as raw material made of cross-section for the honeycomb mesh structure of the plate. Is a vacuum plastic film, used for all kinds of panel surface packaging, it is also known as decorative film, with film, used in building materials, packaging, medicine and many otherindustries. Which accounted for the largest proportion of building materials industry, 60%, followed by the packaging industry, there are several other small-scale application of the industry. According to the degree of soft and hard can be divided into soft PVC and hard PVC. According to the production process can be divided into PVC crust foam board and PVC free foam board.

Laminate: The product is made of polyvinyl chloride resin and stabilizer and other materials after rolling, laminated, with high-quality anti-corrosion, insulation, temperature and impact resistance, high strength, the second processing convenience, Can be saw, drilling, planing, in line with GB / T445496 standard requirements, widely used in chemical, fertilizer, construction, electroplating, environmental water purification and other departments of the acid corrosion-resistant structural materials. Appearance smooth and smooth, no bubbles, no cracks , Generally gray, can also be based on user needs color. Specifications: General thickness: 2--70MM long width: 2440 * 1220MM. Hardness PVC board: product quality first-class, the color is generally black and white, but also according to customer needs to produce PVC color hard board, its bright colors, nice, the quality of the

implementation of GB / T4454-1996, with good chemical stability, Corrosion resistance, hardness, high strength, high strength, anti-ultraviolet (anti-aging), fire-retardant (with self-extinguishing), reliable insulation, smooth surface smooth, non-absorbent, no deformation, easy processing and so on. The product is excellent thermoforming material, can replace part of the stainless steel and other corrosion-resistant synthetic materials, is widely used in chemical industry, oil, electroplating, water purification equipment, environmental protection equipment, mining, medicine, electronics, communications and decoration industries The Product thickness: 0.5-30mm Product length and width: 2440 * 1220MM Special size can also be produced according to customer needs.

1. Waterproof, flame retardant, acid and alkali, moth, light, insulation, noise, shock absorption characteristics 2. And wood processing, and processing performance is far better than wood 3. Is wood, aluminum, composite sheet The ideal alternative PVC soft board: laminated sheet, product length and width: 2440 * 1220MM surface gloss, soft. There are black, white and other colors to choose from, the product materials on the city, making fine, widely used. Features Soft and cold, wear, acid, alkali, corrosion resistance, excellent tear resistance, with excellent weldability, physical properties than rubber and other coil. Used in chemical, electroplating, electrolytic cell lining, insulation cushion, trains, automotive interiors and auxiliary materials. Product thickness: 1-10mm Maximum width of products 1260mm Product Length: Not recommended Specifications: Width 1220 mm PVC foam board with anti-corrosion, moisture, mildew, non-absorbent, drillable, can be saw, can be shaved, easy to thermoforming, Thermal bending processing and other characteristics, it is widely used in furniture, cabinets, bathroom cabinets, exhibition racks, box core, indoor and outdoor decoration, building materials, chemical and other fields with the board, advertising signs, printing, silk screen, inkjet, computer lettering , Electronic instrumentation products packaging and other industries. PVC hard plastic plate with excellent corrosion resistance, insulation, and a certain degree of mechanical strength; after the second processing can be made of sulfuric acid (hydrochloric acid) tank (barrel); medicine with empty needle frame, Toilet water tank; processing products of the template, decorative panels, exhaust pipes, equipment, and other special-shaped products, containers. It is an ideal choice for chemical, building materials, decoration and other industries。

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