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Laminated PVC Foam Board Process Control

Laminated PVC Foam Board Process control

Laminated PVC foam board for home decoration for the main reasons there are three aspects:

First, laminated PVC foam board sales in the country is currently mainly used in the project, a lot of manufacturers only focus on major projects, not enough home improvement, which is the industry needs to be improved. Manufacturers in the promotion of home improvement because of a variety of reasons encountered resistance, not to the next effort to promote, and naturally can not promote the popularity of PVC flooring in China.

Second, in the home decoration, the lack of professionals, but in fact the construction of advertising engraving board is not so difficult to imagine, the construction of the sheet is relatively easy, but the construction of the coil a little more complex only, the technical staff through the simple Of the training or can quickly grasp the construction technology. The quality of the construction is also very important, the life of the foam board will have a certain impact.

Third, the current domestic use of pvc engraving board for home decoration or a minority, the domestic decoration is basically that only marble slab is a high grade, the concept of environmental protection is not very deep decoration, I believe in the correct understanding of the advantages of its products after the foam , Laminated PVC foam board in the importance of home decoration will be more recognized. Laminated PVC foam board as an alternative to wood flooring and marble flooring This trend is unstoppable.

Many people have seen: laminated PVC foam board performance ordinary adhesive film what is the difference?

PVC foam process control key points

Plastic foam molding is divided into three processes: the formation of bubble nuclei, the expansion of bubble nuclei and the curing of the foam. For the PVC foamed sheet to which the chemical foaming agent is added, the expansion of the bubble nucleus has a decisive effect on the quality of the foamed sheet. PVC is a linear molecule, the molecular chain is short, the melt strength is low, the bubble in the bubble into the bubble process, the melt is not enough to cover the bubble, the gas easily overflow into large bubbles, reduce the foam sheet product quality The

A key factor in improving the quality of PVC foam sheets is to increase the melt strength of PVC. There are several ways to improve the melt strength of PVC from the processing characteristics of polymer materials, but the most effective way is to add additives to improve the melt strength and reduce the processing temperature. PVC is an amorphous material, with the melt temperature to improve the melt strength decreases, and vice versa with the melt temperature to reduce the melt strength, but the limited role of cooling only play a supporting role. ACR class of agents have to improve the role of melt strength, in which the most effective foaming regulator. The melt strength increases with increasing foaming agent content. In general, as long as the screw has enough dispersion and mixing capacity, add high viscosity foam pvc tune how to improve the quality of laminated PVC foam board to improve the melt strength effect is more obvious.

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