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Painting Processing Of PVC Foam Board

Scope: Suitable for PVC foam surface of the product spray paint treatment; such as PVC bathroom cabinet paint process, PVC bathroom cabinet paint process. 

Main ingredients: cellulose resin, special polymer and so on. 

Environmental standards: in line with phthalates, EN71-3: 1994 + AL2000 + AC2002, REACH. 

PVC foam board paint: white, red, varnish, green, sky blue, pearl paint black, yellow, flash silver paint and so on. 

Features: PVC foam board paint series, easy construction of PVC board, strong adhesion, high hardness, good light fastness, paint after the PVC sheet cutting, drilling are no jagged cracks, excellent performance, easy to spray, low Cost, single component ROHS environmental protection, paint on the paint PVC bathroom cabinet, PVC bathroom cabinet surface has a good decorative and protective features. 

Physical properties: Item Instrument or test method Standard gloss gloss meter Bright, matte or according to customer requirements to adjust the viscosity coated -4 # cup> 100s / 25 ℃ color difference meter to meet customer requirements Adhesion grid device / 100 grid method 100% hardness Pencil hardness tester / Mitsubishi pencil HB-H construction instructions Surface treatment: surface degreasing, dust, clean, dry. 

Dilution ratio: Oil: thinner = 1: 2 ~ 2.5 Spray viscosity: 10 ± 1s (NK-2 cups). 

Drying conditions: touch dry room temperature / 10min dry room temperature / 24h65 ℃ / 30min. Performance test: spray after 24 hours. Note: PVC foam board paint before use to fully stir, diluted paint should be used immediately, without dilution of paint in the use of six months better. 

Spraying space to be dry and ventilated, compressed air anhydrous without oil. Do not mix other types of paint with our paint.

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