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PVC Celluka Foam Board New Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials

PVC Celluka Foam Board New environmentally friendly packaging materials

Polyethylene foam is a non-cross-linked pore structure, also known as EPE Zhenzhu Mian, is a new environmentally friendly packaging materials. It consists of low density polyethylene resin by physical foaming to produce numerous independent bubbles. To overcome the ordinary styrofoam fragile, deformation, poor recovery of the shortcomings. It has many advantages such as moistureproof, shockproof, soundproof, heat preservation, good plasticity, strong toughness, recycling, environmental protection, strong impact resistance and so on. It also has good chemical resistance. Is an ideal alternative to traditional packaging materials. Widely used in electronic appliances, instrumentation, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial chassis, hardware lighting, handicrafts, glass, ceramics, home appliances, spraying, furniture, furniture and other high-grade fragile gift packaging, Toys, fruits, shoes, inner packaging, daily necessities and other products packaging. Adding color anti-static agent and flame retardant, the more outstanding performance. Not only the appearance of fine, and effectively put an end to static and burning EPE Zhenzhu Mian is also a large number of flexible bags for handbags luggage, industrial production of sound insulation, insulation materials, agricultural insulation materials, aquaculture floating equipment, sporting goods protective pad, Water treatment life-saving equipment, home, hotel floor decoration, liner and so on. Its large number of pipe for air conditioning, baby carriage, children's toys, furniture, plumbing and other industries.

EPE and a variety of fabric bonding products are a variety of vehicles and the room of the good decoration materials. EPE EPE and aluminum foil or aluminized film composite products with excellent anti-infrared UV ability, is a number of chemical equipment cold storage and camping equipment car shade must use supplies.

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Ordinary Zhenzhu Mian, no wax Zhenzhu Mian, special special Zhenzhu Mian, encrypted Zhenzhu Mian, encryption plus hard Zhenzhu Mian, anti-static Zhenzhu Mian, PO coated Zhenzhu Mian, PE Linya Zhenzhu Mian, aluminum foil Zhenzhu Mian, Pearl cotton, pearl cotton, PS board (pearl board), KT board (advertising board) \ fire Zhenzhu Mian, Zhenzhu Mianqiao bridge.

Zhenzhu Mian Shaped: pipe, bar, L-shaped, U-shaped and all kinds of special-shaped materials, Zhenzhu Mian components, Zhenzhu Mian can also be processed into a variety of sizes after the pearl cotton

EPE foam types and uses are more, EPE foam packaging is one of its uses, the following we look at the use of EPE foam packaging with the advantages of it

Advantages 1: excellent protection, personal protection Whether in the transport, storage and handling of the process of fast passenger packaging can play its unique cushioning performance, the safe protection of your products.

Advantages 2. Save your overall cost, as an economical and practical packaging materials, the use of EPE foam packaging can effectively reduce your packaging costs, but also to achieve a good product protection.

Advantages 3: Reduce storage costs, because the EPE foam packaging is very high, a certain volume of packaging materials can be stored in its own small barrels, so you can greatly save your storage costs.

Advantages of four: flexible multi-purpose, the use of EPE foam packaging You can quickly on different sizes, different weights and irregular shape of the items to make a targeted buffer packaging pad.

In recent years, pearl cotton because of its unique advantages in the market to occupy a favorable position, so some of the EPE EPE foam products came into being. So what are the characteristics and uses of Zhenzhu Mian foam products? I believe this is the hearts of consumers doubts. Do not panic, then the pearl cotton Xiaobian to give you a brief introduction to it Hope to be able to help everyone's life Oh!

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