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PVC Foam Board Decorative Materials

PVC Foam Board Decorative materials

PVC foam board insulation material properties - traditionally, decorative materials and insulation materials are independent of each other, the user from different manufacturers to buy, by the different units of construction. The insulation decorative board at the same time with the decoration and insulation of the dual function, the user only one purchase, a installation, facade decoration and insulation can be completed. Function increased by 1 times, the cost is a full reduction of more than 1 times.

PVC foam board insulation material performance: the same decorative effect, the cost of insulation panels only traditional aluminum and stone one-half.

PVC foam board insulation material performance - 100% mechanized; facade decoration and insulation system are 100% of the manual mode of operation, construction personnel and operating environment will be serious; affect the final quality. The insulation decorative panels to 100% of the mechanized mode of operation, the complete elimination of the operating environment and the uncertainty of the workers, the final quality and stability of the final.

PVC foam board insulation material performance; 100% finished, paint and insulation systems are semi-finished products. Even if the selection of finished decorative materials (such as aluminum and stone), but also because of the insulation system semi-finished state, making the facade system had to "semi-finished".

PVC foam board insulation material characteristics: insulation decorative plate not only to achieve the finished product coating, insulation finished, and ultimately to achieve a one of the finished product insulation, and aluminum insulation one of the finished product and stone insulation one finished product quality and construction Quality of the most powerful guarantee.PVC foam board insulation material performance --- 100% Applicability: whether in the cold of the Northeast, or hot South China, insulation decorative panels can meet the energy efficiency of the national mandatory energy requirements; In recent years, polyethylene closed-cell PVC foam board plays an extremely important role in our lives, and it is very important for our customers to play a very high degree of resistance to acid rain, salt spray and so on. effect. But dear friends, do you really understand the polyethylene closed-cell PVC foam board? For example, its product characteristics, such as its scope of application. Do not panic, then Nanchang PVC foam board factory Xiaobian to give you a brief introduction to it Hope to be able to help everyone's life Oh!

First, the polyethylene closed-cell PVC foam board Features:

1, the density is small, light weight, high recovery rate, strong expansion and contraction, the appearance of honeycomb holes evenly distributed, with independent bubble structure.

2, the surface of low water absorption, anti-permeability performance. Alternative to the traditional three oil four felt, asphalt tree and other materials.

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