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PVC Foam Board Is Conducive To Room Temperature

PVC Foam Board Is conducive to room temperature

Use the five major advantages of foam board

1. Foam board can protect the main structure of the building, extending the life of the building. And because the external insulation is placed on the outside of the insulation layer, reducing the temperature caused by structural deformation caused by stress, and reduce harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet erosion of the structure.

2. Foam board can effectively eliminate the "hot bridge". Before the use of internal insulation, "hot bridge" phenomenon is difficult to avoid, and the external wall insulation to effectively prevent the "hot bridge" generation, to avoid condensation.

3. Foam board can make the wall moisture temperature situation is improved, the general need to set the insulation within the insulation layer, but the use of external insulation materials, the temperature through the main structure is much stronger than the main structure in the wall is generally not condensation Phenomenon, the structural layer of the entire wall temperature increased to further enhance the wall insulation performance.

4. Foam board is conducive to maintaining stability at room temperature, the use of external wall insulation, due to the larger wall of the thermal storage capacity of the structural layer in the wall inside, is conducive to maintaining stability at room temperature.

5. Foam board can increase the use of housing area. Can avoid the second renovation of the insulation layer damage.

New insulation materials six significant advantages

Silicon aluminum new insulation materials, is a new type of material. It is a special micro-silica gel cement, reinforced fiber, recycled polystyrene particles and other materials and a variety of additives made of new micro-closed-cell network of structural materials. This new kind of material solves the contradiction between the bulk density and the strength of the insulation material, achieves the advantages of light weight, excellent thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, strong bonding force and convenient construction.

The following look at this new characteristics of silicon aluminum insulation materials products.

1, the product make full use of renewable resources, energy saving.

2, the product added foreign imports of nearly nano-grade fiber, each cubic meter of materials in hundreds of millions of criss-crossing the fiber, improve the product thermal insulation performance, crack resistance, compressive strength, adaptability, anti-fatigue Ability, seismic capacity, resistance to cold and heat bridge capacity and durability.

3, do not burn, no hollowing, no seams, early condensate fast, directly with the grass-roots bonding, forming an integral insulation system, solid structure. Thus greatly improving the insulation performance.

4, thermal insulation performance, thermal conductivity of the detection value of O.046-O.048W / (mk), SQ silicon aluminum new insulation materials in the country on the building energy efficiency standards continue to improve under the premise (the overall energy 65) and the development and production, in most parts of China's construction of the insulation layer thickness of only between 30mm-1OOmm, will be able to meet the building wall insulation requirements.

5, the bonding ability is strong, no cracking, cold, thermal bridge deformation coefficient is small, in the insulation system structure, may not have to brush the surface layer of the wall and the use of anti-crack fiberglass mesh. Insulation layer construction thickness of 120mm, the day can be continuous construction molding. Reduced the construction process, speed up the construction speed, save time and labor, thus reducing the cost, with good economic benefits.

6, the ratio of accurate: packaging using silica gel cement and polystyrene aggregate aggregate packaging, 1: 1 bag ratio, to ensure that the product ratio is accurate, polystyrene aggregate by special processing, eliminating the mixing The process of easy to flee the drawbacks.

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