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PVC Foam Board Is Conducive To Room Temperature

PVC Foam Board Is conducive to room temperature

PVC foam board advantage

1. To protect the main structure of the building, to extend the life of the building. As the external insulation is placed on the outside of the structure, reducing the temperature changes due to structural deformation caused by stress and reduce the harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet erosion of the structure.

2. Effective elimination of the "hot bridge" in the past with the internal insulation, "hot bridge" is difficult to avoid, and the external wall insulation to effectively prevent the heat bridge, to avoid condensation.

3. The wall of the tide temperature situation is improved, the general insulation required to set the steam layer, and the use of external insulation materials, the thermal performance of the material is much stronger than the main structure, in the wall generally does not occur condensation phenomenon, The overall wall temperature is further enhanced by further enhancing the wall insulation performance.

4. conducive to maintaining stability at room temperature, the use of external wall insulation, due to the larger wall of the thermal storage capacity of the structural layer in the wall inside, is conducive to room temperature stability.

5. Increase the use of housing area. Can avoid the second renovation of the insulation layer damage.

Base cleaning - equipped with special polymer adhesive sand - top stickers side of the folding bag mesh - paste polyethylene closed foam foam PVC foam - drilling. Installation of fixed parts - polyethylene closed-cell PVC foam plate grinding, leveling, cleaning mixing layer of polymer mortar - brush again for the interface agent - paste mesh cloth - wiping layer polymer cracking mortar - Seal in the division of the lining of the lining, sealing sealant - acceptance - brush for the interface agent - the formation of polymer mortar - the middle of the acceptance.

This is the polyethylene closed-cell PVC foam board construction process of some of the steps, hope to help your product construction, if you do not understand can contact our customer service.

Polyethylene closed-cell PVC foam board tells the pavement pavement precautions.

1. Paving before the water: the problem is relatively simple to see, in fact, there are a lot of boundary problems, if not handled properly will seriously affect the quality of the road. The amount of water to be based on a number of factors. For example, air temperature, grass-roots materials, wind speed and humidity and other factors to determine, is to ensure that the paving concrete before the grass-roots wet, and as far as possible evenly spread evenly, especially in the grass-roots level can not exist The condition of the water. From the current construction site, in most cases because of the water and the lack of water, because the grass is relatively dry, paved after the bottom of the concrete pavement prone to a large number of small cracks, and some small cracks And the concrete itself shrinkage stress caused by overlapping cracks will make the whole concrete pavement cracks are more.

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