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PVC Foam Board Precautions

PVC Foam Board Precautions

), water stop construction method; rubber water stop in the concrete pouring process part or all of the pouring into the concrete. In the concrete before pouring in the interface to keep flat, the joint part of the adhesive fastening, and then the appropriate force to fully pound, shock concrete to locate the water stop, so that a good combination with the concrete, so as not to affect the only Water effect.

2), water stop construction precautions

A, in the construction process, due to the concrete there are many sharp corners of the stone and sharp steel, so in the pound and positioning of the water stop, should pay attention to the impact of pound, so as not to force too large and pierce rubber stop band. If there is a rupture phenomenon should be promptly repaired, or in the joint deformation and pressure by the rubber seal when the ability to resist external force will be greatly reduced.

B, fixed water stop, only in the allowable parts of the water stop perforation hole, not to damage the part of the body.

C, in the positioning of rubber water stop, be sure to make it in the interface to maintain flat, but can not let the water with tumbling, kink, such as kinky found that the phenomenon should be adjusted in a timely manner.

D, in the cast fixed water stop, should prevent the water stop with a shift, so as not to shorten the side, affecting the effect of water.

E, in the concrete pouring must also be fully shocked, so as not to water and concrete combined with poor water and effect.

F, the water stop with the joints must be well bonded, such as the construction site conditions are available, can be used to connect the method of heat vulcanization. Without any treatment of the so-called "lap" is absolutely not allowed.

Rubber stopper is usually placed on the floor and the wall of the seams, because the finished product is playing the roll, unfolded when unfolded. Our previous approach is that the floor when playing concrete face, in the wall parts (between the wall) pressure groove, slightly wider than the water seal 1 cm, the depth of 1 cm. When the mold is placed in the water stop, placed in the tank is very flat, with the length of less than the wall thickness of the six round bar vertical pressure on the water stop, spacing 1 m 5, two and wall longitudinal reinforcement spot welding. So that the water seal can not be rolled. Rubber to stop the construction of the first side of the base floor when the reinforcement, the general use of steel skeleton holding, in the use of steel to suppress, similar to the kind of clip shape. So that reinforcement is also a waste of material. The bottom of the water stop is the same as that of the steel plate, and the pouring must be layered and poured to the same height as the water stop. After the vibrating compact in the lower part of the concrete before the initial pouring pouring with the upper part of the concrete. The water stop is to prevent the penetration of water (flow 'diffusion) and make the installation of the ribbon, generally used for waterproof parts of the construction joints or after pouring or pipe through the wall (board) Department. Usually it must circle. Generally made of 300 ~ 500MM wide steel plate or rubber plate. Now the market also has ready-made rubber seal (circle) for sale. Can be selected according to the specific requirements of the project and the specific requirements of the drawings. The water stop is generally used for basement construction joints. In order to prevent the formation of non-continuous casting of concrete (the water will penetrate, especially the groundwater, there is a certain pressure), so in these parts of the water treatment, the general level To the expansion of the water stop and steel plate with two kinds of vertical, general use of rubber water stop (of course, is not fixed, according to the design requirements of the Atlas practice).

Building deformation joints are designed to avoid the building due to temperature changes, the various parts of the building load by the different parts of the building and the adjacent part of the structure of the differences and the impact of the earthquake caused by deformation, cracking, building structure damage will be set The vertical separation of the building. Deformation joints include expansion joints, settlement joints, shock joints.

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