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PVC Foam Board The Study Found

PVC Foam Board The study found

Predict the development trend of PVC foam board

 PVC foam board research center: for laser deep welding, the use of optical sensors to detect the welding process of plasma and reflective laser signal characteristics is a simple and effective way to detect the welding process in real time. At present, the use of photoelectric tube to detect the process of welding plasma or reflected light from the side of the workpiece or with the laser coaxial in two directions. As for the choice of optical sensors, there are three different bands of sensors can be used for laser welding process detection. Such as UV-band sensors for plasma detection of CO2 laser welding, visible light band sensors for CO2 and Nd: YAG laser welding process plasma or metal vapor flames detection, infrared band for Nd: YAG laser welding Detection. To the present, the detection of optical signals and laser welding parameters, such as the relationship between the location of the focus has been very good research results and applied; the use of optical sensors on the laser welding process defects, such as burning, holes or The detection of hump-like surface defects is also reported.

One of the keys to laser welding monitoring automation is the real-time monitoring of molten pool, so the choice of tracking sensors has become a critical prerequisite. In all sensors, the optical sensor has the characteristics of high sensitivity and measurement precision, good dynamic characteristics, no contact and large amount of information contained in the workpiece, and has become the fastest development tracking sensor, and CCD (Charge-coupled Device charge coupling Device) The integration of optics makes the optical sensor rise to a new level of video sensing. One of the advantages of laser welding is the welding speed, sheet welding speed of up to 10m / min or more, in the high-speed continuous welding process, if the welding defects, will be in a very short period of time caused a lot of waste. To achieve online laser welding quality monitoring is to ensure the quality of the very important part of the Huazhong University of Science and Technology designed signal processing and feedback control system by the sound and light sensors to take the signal amplification, filtering, double-limit comparison after A / D conversion , And then the digital signal from the computer for processing, the laser output power, welding speed, out of focus and other technical parameters to control the best number of processes. Solve the penetration problem, the basic premise is the laser welding process for real-time detection and control, extract the characteristics of laser welding signal. Over the past decade, domestic and foreign research institutions mainly for the welding process of photo-generated plasma generated by the sound, light, electricity, heat and other information extraction, and analysis, to find the characteristic signal. In order to ensure that the full length of the slit has achieved a good uniform shape, high-quality laser welding laser welding, the development of a high-precision gap detection sensor From high quality wire feed control system.

The use of PVC foam board once in the Western countries caused a lot of controversy, many people try to use a variety of other materials instead of PVC. But the fact that the quality of PVC compared to other alternatives compared favorably, but in the cost of these materials are cheaper. Experts in the study found that in many industries, to give up the use of PVC will produce a considerable amount of additional costs. The specific data show that the abandonment of the use of PVC will add billions of dollars to the extra cost. For a specific consumer, this would mean a huge extra charge. In the case of windows with PVC as the surface material, if these windows do not use PVC, but use ordinary wood as the surface, then only the cleaning and maintenance of a will increase the number of amazing costs. Tractors In a small town in the UK, people use wooden windows for the past two decades. Some people have investigated the cleaning and maintenance costs of these windows and compared them with the cleaning costs of PVC windows. The results show that , The cleaning cost of the wooden window is twice as high as that of the PVC window.

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