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PVC Foam Board Thermoplastic Materials

PVC Foam Board Thermoplastic materials

EPS foam is a thermoplastic material, each cubic meter volume contains 300 - 600 million independent air bubbles, containing the air volume of 98% or more, because the air thermal conductivity is very small, and was closed in the foam And can not convection, so EPS is a very good thermal insulation properties of the material.

EPS board insulation system is composed of special polymer cement, EPS board, alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth and finishes. Set insulation, waterproof, fire, decorative functions as one of the new building structure system. The technology will be placed in the insulation of the external walls of the building, do not take up indoor space, insulation effect is obvious, easy to design architectural shape.

1. To protect the main structure of the building, to extend the life of the building. As the external insulation is placed on the outside of the structure, reducing the temperature changes due to structural deformation caused by stress, and reduce harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet erosion of the structure.

2. Effective elimination of the "hot bridge" in the past, the use of internal insulation, "hot bridge" is difficult to avoid, and the external wall insulation to effectively prevent the heat bridge, to avoid condensation.

3. The wall moisture temperature situation is improved, the general insulation required to set the steam layer, and the use of external insulation materials, the temperature through the main structure is much stronger than the main structure in the wall is generally not condensation phenomenon, the structure layer The overall wall temperature is further enhanced by further enhancing the wall insulation performance.

4. conducive to maintaining stability at room temperature, the use of external wall insulation, due to the larger wall of the thermal storage capacity of the structural layer in the wall inside, is conducive to room temperature stability.

5. Increase the use of housing area. Can avoid the secondary decoration on the insulation layer damage.

Polystyrene foam board - also known as foam board, EPS board is made of volatile liquid blowing agent containing polystyrene beads, heated by the preheated in the mold after heating the formation of white objects, its fine The structure of the obturator is mainly used for building wall, roof insulation, composite board insulation, cold storage, air conditioning, vehicle, ship insulation, floor heating, decorative carving and other uses are very extensive.

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