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PVC Foam Board Unique Four Performance

PVC Foam Board Unique four performance

PVC foam board has been widely used in the building materials industry, there are two reasons is very important:

The first is the unique performance of PVC four: rain, fire, anti-static, easy to shape. Second, the characteristics of PVC low input high yield. So why can PVC have these two advantages? PVC foam board manufacturers let us from the production process to find the answer to it

Exceptional performance

PVC film and ordinary adhesive film What is the difference? Ordinary adhesive film is directly at room temperature with glue attached to the surface of the plate, so after a year or two, the film is easy to fall off. The PVC film is the application of a special vacuum lamination machine in the 110-degree high temperature pressure attached to the surface of the plate, it is not easy to fall off.

Although PVC film trailer has excellent quality assurance, but some people may say, PVC, after all, is a chemical product, it is less than natural materials, can not rule out the toxicity and odor, but also inevitably cause harm to the environment. The fact is not the case, this is because the German production of PVC film raw material is a special refining, toxic substances are completely extracted, demagnetization machine so PVC is completely non-toxic and tasteless, the human skin or respiratory system without any stimulation, for Those who are allergic to wood and paint, the use of PVC film packaging furniture or kitchen utensils is very appropriate. Through the use of PVC film as a decorative film, people can use a large number of medium plate, particleboard, plywood and fiberboard, reducing the amount of wood used to reduce the destruction of forests and even the environment. From this point of view, PVC film on the protection of the ecological environment made a great contribution.

The use of pvc foam board once in the Western countries caused a lot of controversy, many people try to use a variety of other materials instead of PVC. But the fact that the quality of PVC compared to other alternatives compared favorably, but in the cost is cheaper than these materials. Experts in the study found that in many industries, to give up the use of PVC will produce a considerable amount of additional costs. The specific data show that the abandonment of the use of PVC will add billions of dollars to the extra cost. For a specific consumer, this would mean a huge extra charge. In the case of windows with PVC as the surface material, if these windows do not use PVC, but use ordinary wood as the surface, then only the cleaning and maintenance of a will increase the number of amazing costs. Tractors In a small town in the UK, people use wooden windows for the last two decades. Some people have investigated the cleaning and maintenance costs of these windows and compared them with the cleanliness of the PVC windows. The results show that , The cleaning cost of the wooden window is twice as high as that of the PVC window.

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