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Scope Of Application Of PVC Foam Board

PVC can be divided into hard and soft PVC PVC, rigid PVC accounts for about 2/3 market, soft PVC 1/3.

Soft PVC typically used in floors, ceilings and leather surface, but contain softeners in soft PVC (which is the difference between hard and soft PVC PVC), can become brittle and difficult to save, so its use was very limited.

Hard PVC not containing soft agent, so flexible sex good, easy forming, easily crisp, nontoxic no pollution, save time long, PVC of nature is a vacuum sucking plastic film, for various panel of surface packaging, so and was called decorative film, and attached rubber film, should for building materials, and packaging, and medicine, many industry, which building materials industry accounted for of share maximum, for 60%, second is packaging industry, also has other several small range application of industry.

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