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Small Commom Sense Of PVC Foam Board

PVC foam board processing performance and wood is the same.

Foam board in the hollow when cutting a little need to pay attention to, because the hollow 

spacing of 23 mm, if not pay attention to the cutting most of the multi-chip overlap when a 

cutting, resulting in different spacing; can be used to locate the way the bolt , Easy processing,

the following manufacturers of foam foam board for you in detail pvc foam board processing of

small common sense:

1. Can be used in accordance with the design of the use of engraving machine molding, and then 

use the surface is to paste the United States resistant to the board or paint; but the hollow 

foam board should be noted that the surface is rugged only use vacuum cover mode material 

selection 2 mmPVC board.

2. Bending molding is only applicable to the solid foam board, hollow foam board is not applicable;

processing method for the use of upper and lower mold, in the wood mold surface covered with 

aluminum and solid foam plate heated to plasticization temperature 70 ~ 90 ℃ , The use of upper 

and lower mold directly out of the shape of the foam plate surface and there will be no change.

3. Self-adhesive PVC in the extrusion manufacturing can be provided on the surface according to 

the needs of printing different lines of wood, can save unnecessary processing procedures.

4 can be PVC foam board surface treatment, and the general category and in accordance with the 

different processing methods can be divided into general paint, piano paint, ceramic paint; piano 

paint processing will be added anti-UV ingredients, to avoid changes in surface color; In the 

surface hardness and ceramic paint for the advantages of excellent anti-scratch.

5. Come again is the common processing methods, in the surface affixed to the crystal plate 

(usually single-sided colored acrylic board), the United States and the United States resistant 

resistant paper, in the edge of the part of the general processing of automatic sealing machine 

Main, and automatic edge banding machine is divided into two types of roller and track, but if 

the use of hollow foam board recommended the use of crawler edge banding machine, less likely to 

cause the surface after the edge of the uneven situation, the pressure adjustment Is also quite 

important; the color of the foam board is also recommended to use the surface paste material 

similar to the color, to avoid the United States after the resistance of paper paste after the 

shrink, there is a significant color.

6. The hole can be machined directly with the NC machine. Itself can be used in accordance with 

the need to reduce the density of the foam board itself to increase the air content, to insulation,

noise effects to improve the cost of reducing the effect, such as 15 mm foam board density to 

reduce the weight of the same volume 10 mm foam same. At present, manufacturers have used foam 

molding machine used in the formation of countertops or large machine casing, but the use of table 

forming a shortcoming, for the surface resistance to poor mold wear.

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