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The Difference Between Pp And PVC Sheets

Pp Board no smelly, and nontoxic, and tasteless meet national health standard, density small, is general plastic in the most light of a, can in water in the boiling, 120 degrees steam gas disinfection, can in 100 degrees temperature Xia long-term using not deformation, while has excellent of electric insulation performance and chemical stability, almost not sucking water, and most chemicals contact not occurred role, PP resistance corrosion, and acid alkali,.

The heat stability of PVC sheet is very poor, 80 degree began to soften, 130 degrees started to decompose, releasing HCL gas than PVC electrical insulation PP, suitable for low-voltage and low-frequency insulating material, PVC is resistant to most mineral acids, alkali, salts, and most organic solvents.

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