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The Difference of KT Board and PVC Foam Board

KT board is a kind of new material which is made of PS particles after foaming to form the core, and the surface is laminated. The board is crisp, light, easy to be deteriorated, easy to process and can be printed directly on the board (Silk screen), paint (need to detect paint adaptability), mounted on the gum screen and inkjet, widely used in advertising display promotions, architectural decoration, culture and the arts and packaging and so on.

The use of advertising is used for product promotion information dissemination of the exhibition, display and notice with mounting liner, the other is a large number of applications used in a screen printing, especially for a wide range of unified publicity activities. Size: from 0.9m to 1.2m wide, and usually 2.4m long.


Now on the market people will be confused of KT board and PVC foam board, this two kinds of plates are used in a large number of advertising industry, many manufacturers are total called KT board, in fact, they area two different plates (KT board, PVC foam board).


First of all, the price, material and weight of two plates are significantly different. In fact, in essence, KT board (foam board) is the internal foam , outside plate of the PVC veneer, the weight is very light, cheap. Because the heart is too soft (bubble pressure on the flat),it is not suitable for the production of complex model building, of course, with the more careful or can be done, but the effect is clearly not as good as  PVC foam board .


PVC foam board is also called Chevrolet board, the use of PVC as the heart of the bubble, the outside is PVC veneer, due to the density of heavy weight than the KT board to 3-4 times, of course, the price is 3-4 times higher, the hardness is relatively high ,quality PVC foam board commonly used to produce PVC bathroom cabinet, cabinets, furniture, interior decoration and so on. Because it is fire proof and water resistant, it is also often used for tankers, bus flooring and so on.


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