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The Performance Of PVC Foam Board

PVC foam board is one of the world's largest production of plastic products, can also be seen from the product needs and application areas is how broad. Polyvinyl chloride resin itself is a light yellow powder or white, according to the specific use of the product and add the appropriate additives, the basic price is the majority of people can accept the range.

Polyvinyl chloride plastic products can show different physical or mechanical properties, through the amount of plasticizer can be made into a variety of hard and soft transparent products, the specific performance mainly in the following points:

1. Environmental protection: PVC foam board does not have a lot of formaldehyde as in interior decoration. Formaldehyde for the human body harm is that we are very clear, it is because so many people are very fainted with formaldehyde products. So now more and more products began to take the road of environmental health. The PVC foam board is renewable and sustainable use, for the protection of the Earth's environment and natural ecological resources have a small but very important significance.

2. Environment: PVC foam board can withstand inorganic acids, alkali or salt and other organic solvents, suitable for pharmaceutical or chemical anti-corrosion materials and so on.

3. Electrical: PVC foam board is a good electrical properties of the polymerization products, but relatively speaking, corona-resistant performance is more general, suitable usd as flow and low frequency insulation  material.

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