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What Is PVC?


Terrible fires

For many years, people think that PVC is a harmonious nature of an artificial note, 

that it destroys the environment is not conducive to ecological development. In 1996, 

a sensation was made at the airport in Düsseldorf, where some 17 people were killed 

and some misleading public opinion led to the culprit of PVC as the culprit of the 

fire. This undoubtedly increased the misunderstanding of PVC.

Beautiful appearance

The surface and shape of the goods will leave a first impression. Advertising 

psychologists believe that this first impression for the sale of the product plays a 

decisive role. From this layer of meaning, PVC film market prospects are very good. 

In fact, with the development of the times, PVC is also its good performance, simple 

craftsmanship and many other advantages gradually won the people's favor, has been more

and more people to accept and endorsement in Europe and the United States PVC is The 

darling of the construction industry, PVC in people's daily life everywhere. PVC can 

not only show the color of nature, but also can show people in the fantasy of color. 

In Germany, 40% of the furniture is made of PVC for the surface material, see those 

natural color, colorful, rich and varied, beautiful patterns, elegant and high-grade 

style desk, bookshelves, Will they and the streets of those devastated "white garbage" 

together, but will not think it is PVC plastic film to give them so beautiful coat.

Perfect structure

So what is PVC in the end? PVC, the full name of Polyvinylchlorid, the main ingredient 

for the polyvinyl chloride, in addition to other ingredients to enhance its heat 

resistance, toughness, ductility and so on. The top layer of this surface film is a 

paint, the middle of the main component is polyvinyl chloride, the bottom is the back 

coating adhesive. It is the world's favorite, quite popular and also widely used in a 

synthetic material. Its global use in a variety of synthetic materials in the second. 

According to statistics, only one year in 1995, not PVC production in Europe is about 

five million tons, while its consumption was 5.3 million tons. In Germany, PVC 

production and consumption of an average of 1.4 million tons. PVC is being produced 

and applied worldwide at a rate of 4%. In recent years, PVC growth in Southeast Asia is 

particularly significant, thanks to the Southeast Asian countries have the urgent need 

for infrastructure construction. In the material that can produce three-dimensional 

surface film,PVC is the most suitable material.

PVC can be divided into soft PVC and hard PVC. Which accounted for about 2/3 of the hard

PVC market, soft PVC accounted for 1/3 Soft PVC is generally used for the floor, 

ceiling and leather surface, but because the soft PVC contains softeners (which is the 

difference between soft PVC and hard PVC), easy to become brittle, easy to save, so 

its use has been limited. Hard PVC does not contain softener, so flexible, easy to 

shape, not brittle, non-toxic and pollution-free, long storage time, so it has great 

development and application value. Hereinafter referred to as PVC. The essence of PVC 

is a vacuum plastic film, used for all kinds of panel surface packaging, it is also 

known as decorative film, with film, used in building materials, packaging, medicine 

and many other industries. Which accounted for the largest proportion of building 

materials industry, 60%, followed by the packaging industry, there are several other 

small-scale application of the industry.

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