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Which Is More Environmentally Friendly? PVC Board Kitchen Cabinets Or Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets ……

In recent years, climate became warmer and warmer , environmental deterioration, the use of renewable resources less, the World's green area is very few, did not meet the international average green value; like China's large number of normal use of wood are imported in Southeast Asia, because the past two years, Southeast Asian countries are also aware of the importance of protecting the environment, prohibiting the deforestation of timber, resulting in sharp rise in raw material timber scarcity; and on the one hand, China prohibits cutting, on the other hand to encourage green planting, so it is the lack of original timber. The state also advocates enterprise innovation, seeking new ideas to replace non-renewable resources, saving raw materials.

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In recent years, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, wardrobe and other aspects of the plate of innovation, with a more breakthrough in the development. There are synthetic wood, there are stainless steel products category plate, more representative of the environmental protection plastic sheet (PVC material) development.

PVC foam sheet is a new type of environmentally friendly materials, known as non-defective sheet in foreign countries, inside and outside the double paste, no oil, no water, scratch resistance, also known as plastic plate, the substrate for the MDF, the surface by vacuum Made or used a seamless PVC film forming process, environmentally friendly pollution-free, re-use, is the ideal alternative to the cabinet material, more convenient, most suitable for people's lives. Door panels in the normal size without edge, waterproof, moisture, hardness and flexibility.

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PVC foam plate produced by the cabinet has a more special characteristics, because it itself brings together the characteristics of PVC foam sheet: waterproof, moisture, no water, can effectively prevent deformation and other symptoms occur, while the surface of PVC foam sheet can be The production of bright light, matte grain and striped appearance, the more advantage is the PVC foam board cabinet and bathroom cabinet made of acid and alkali color changeable, long life, bright color long and constant, and can be like wood The same as drilling, sawing, nailing, planning, sticky and other processing, the plate can also be secondary processing for thermoforming; light and light transport construction more convenient.

Kitchen cabinets use PVC foam board materials, because the surface is smooth and easy to clean, no clutter of color and complex lines, waterproof corrosion, moisture, no cracking, long life, so it is more suitable for ordinary family area which is small, simple and bright design kitchen cabinets.

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PVC foam sheet is not cracking is not deformed, resistant to scratch, stain resistance, anti-fade. Rich colors, woody realistic, monochrome color pure and brilliant. Seamless PVC film forming process without edge, there is no open plastic problem, routine maintenance is also very simple, no special maintenance. Developed countries and regions more like this kind of PVC material products.

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